The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz

The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz, is a FTM gender change story. After Brienne gets a low score on the online "perfect girlfriend quiz," she decides to take it again and change up her answers. But each time she answers differently, her body starts to transform! Can her boyfriend Grayson intervene before the Brienne transforms into Grayson's perfect...boyfriend? Read part 1 below, then read the whole thing Amazon.



“The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz” by T.F. Wright and Silex (FTM gender change)

© 2016. This is a work of fiction.


“Ever heard of the Perfect Girlfriend Quiz?” Brienne asked her boyfriend, Grayson as they both casually surfed the internet on their phones as they lounged on the bed together.

“No, what’s that?” Grayson asked, arching his back and stretching his toned shoulders as he leaned over her back to get a look at her screen.

“It’s supposedly the most advanced test for measuring…whether or not you’re a perfect girlfriend, I guess,” said Brienne, as she flipped her lustrous, flowing brunette hair out of her face. “Wanna find out if I’m up to snuff?”

“No, I already know you are,” said Grayson, planting a little kiss on the tip of her delicate chin.

“That tickles,” she cooed as Grayson’s stubble tickled her chin. “I wanna take the quiz,” she said. “It’ll be cute to post the results on Facebook.”

“Ok, sure,” Grayson said with a shrug. It was the start of a three day weekend, neither of them had anything specific to do with that time. So, why not?

“Yay! OK, let me begin the quiz…” she said, kicking her feet up into the air, curling her toes a little, and twirling her finger around a curly lock of her hair. “How into sports are you? Well, I certainly go to all your games!”

“But I know it’s just to support me…you weren’t much for soccer before you met me, were you?”

“You got me…” Brienne said, checking the box that said “Not a fan.”

“How much body hair do you have?” she asked, wrinkling her nose a little. “Body hair? What kind of woman lets herself get any of that!” she said, checking the box that said “shave it all.”

“What kind of body type do you have…” she said. “Slender and delicate, I guess?”

“Super slender,” agreed Grayson, tracing her tiny frame through her blouse with his hand.

“What kind of underwear do you wear…” said Brienne. “This is getting kinda personal…”

“I’ll help answer that one,” said Grayson, lifting up her frilly pink skirt. “Lace panties?”

“Ha! There was actually a box here for boy briefs! And boxers! What kind of girl wears those?” she asked dismissively. “I’m going to ace this girlfriend test for sure!”

She went through the rest of the questions confidently, eager to get her grade. But when the test was finished, Brienne was in for a shock.

“D minus?” Brienne asked, pouting up at Grayson. “But…but..why?”

“It’s just a stupid internet quiz,” Grayson said with a little shrug. “I think you’re perfect, and that’s what counts in my book…”

‘You’re sweet…” she said, nuzzling affectionately against Grayson’s shoulder. “But I’m just wondering what they expected from a hypothetical perfect girlfriend. What did they expect? Guys only like girls who are sports fans, or something?”

“Well, you could always re-take it with different answers and see how changing your answers affects your score,” Grayson suggested.

“You know? I think I’ll do that,” said Brienne. “If nothing else, maybe I could write about this for my gender studies class?”

“The effect of stereotypes on online quizzes…” Grayson said with a sardonic tone. Brienne rolled her eyes and ignored him as she refreshed the site.

“OK. Question one…how into sports are you?” she asked. “I’m an…obsessed fan!” she said with a wry grin.

“Oh yeah, big fan,” Grayson said with a snort. What a silly way to waste an afternoon, he thought to himself.

“That reminds me, what time is it?” she said.

“Erm…4:35?” he asked.

“Oh, thank God,” she said, practically leaping across the bed and grabbing the remote control. “I didn’t miss the tipoff!”

“Tipoff?” Grayson repeated.

“For game 1 of the conference finals!” Brienne explained, as the game came on the screen. “Duh!”

“Brienne, you don’t actually have to pretend to like sports just because you gave that answer on the quiz…” Grayson said, his voice trailing off as Brienne stared back at him with utter bewilderment in her eyes.

“Pretend to like sports? Grayson, I love sports!” she stated emphatically.

Grayson wasn’t sure what was going on, but there was an easy enough way to determine if she was really faking it.

“So, who do you think’s going to take the championship?” he asked.

“Golden State, of course, now that Curry’s ankle is better. Even without Curry’s constant 3s, though, they might be considered narrow favorites, especially if the Spurs can’t turn it around against OKC,” she said. 

“Woah,” Grayson said, flopping back on the bed. How did she know all that? Aside from his soccer games, the Brienne knew nothing about sports…

Grayson ran though explanations in his mind, each one totally implausible. But he kept coming back to the quiz – it just couldn’t be a coincidence, could it?

“Brienne, can I see that quiz?” he asked, grabbing for her phone.

“The quiz! Almost forgot. Hey, it’s a commercial, perfect time to get back to it,” she said.

“How much body hair do you have…” she asked. “Let’s see…last time I said, shave it all. This time I’ll say a little bit,” she said, tapping the phone.

Nothing appeared to immediately happen, and Grayson breathed a little sigh of relief.

But when the game came back on and Brienne grabbed the remote to unmute the TV, Grayson noticed something startling: her arm looked a little hairier than he’d remembered.

“Wow! Did you see that?” Brienne hooted excitedly as she pointed at the screen.

Grayson didn’t even respond. Instead, he was busy lining up his arm against hers. It was difficult to tell them apart – hers looked only slightly less hairy than his own!

“Woo! Two in a row!” Brienne shouted, pumping her fists in the air. As coyly as he could, Grayson tried to glance at the arm holes of her blouse. Sure enough, he could see tiny little tufts of hair. Brienne had always insisted on being “as smooth as a baby’s bottom” under her arms, but in just a few seconds, she’d gone from no hair, past stubble, and into actual hair, as though she’d never regularly shaved.

Pretending to be interested in sports was one thing, but how could her body physically change this quickly? Grayson thought about mentioning it to her, but then thought better of it. After all, how would that even go? She clearly wasn’t noticing it, and it would just seem as though he was complaining about her looks.

When it came time for the next commercial break, Grayson found himself shaking. What would she change this time?

“What kind of body type do you have…” she began. Grayson wanted to snatch the phone right out of her hands, if only that wouldn’t make him look crazy. She had such a beautiful, feminine body…

“I think I’ll try…” Brienne began.

“Wait!” Grayson shouted, desperate to stop her but not sure what to say once he had her attention. “Maybe you should just…leave your body type as is?”

Brienne rolled her eyes. “I gotta change some answers,” she said. “I’ll go with…tomboyish and athletic.”

Right before his eyes, Grayson saw Brienne’s girlish features fade away. Her shoulders started to widen, straining the fabric of her blouse. When he glanced behind her shirt, he could see her butt started to change shape in her jeans. The petite, little bubble remolded itself, becoming a firm, taunt bundle of muscle.

Brienne’s breasts started to retract into her flesh, becoming smallish and firmer looking, her cups riding a little looser on her chest. Grayson glanced around her back and saw that the straps were nevertheless tighter than ever – probably a consequence of her broadening back. Instead of an hourglass shape, her body now had an inverted triangle: wide shoulders and back flaring downwards to a small waist and smaller hips.

The changes hadn’t made her unattractive, far from it. In her own way, the new, tomboyish Brienne was still smoking hot. But Grayson couldn’t help longing for the Brienne he knew and loved. Maybe, he thought, if she took the test again and checked the correct box, she’d get her old body back?

“Brienne, honey, can you start that quiz over?” he asked.

“I wanna find out what score I get!” she insisted, her voice carrying a little hint of a growl, which was certainly out of character for her. “Read me the next question so I can keep watching the game,” she said, with a tone that indicated it was an order rather than a request.

“What kind of underwear do you wear?”  Grayson read.

“Do they really expect a perfect girlfriend will wear something other than panties?” she asked with a chortle. “Just put boxers, I guess, to see what happens.”

Boxers!? Grayson wore boxers himself, and he certainly wasn’t keen on having his girlfriend wear them. Maybe if she was trying on his boxers, after lovemaking or something…then it would be OK. But if she was just wearing them, as a regular thing?

Besides, the picture of the model wearing boxers was clearly a guy. What was up with that? Wasn’t this the perfect girlfriend quiz?

Grayson tapped “panties” and moved on.

“What kind of haircut do you have?” he read.

“Hmm…let me take a look at the pictures again,” she said, reaching out for the phone. Grayson tried to hold on, but thanks to her stronger, meatier arms, snatching it away was fairly easy for her. “Haha, what would it look like if I had a buzz cut?” she asked.

“No!” he said, before she checked the box. 

Immediately, Brienne’s hair started to retract into her scalp. Grayson leapt towards her, his hands wrapping around what was left of her hair. To stop it from vanishing, or to appreciate it one last time? Grayson wasn’t sure, but it soon snaked through his shaking fingers and disappeared completely, leaving a nearly shaved head behind. 


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