Pirate's Fate Update

Thursday, 09 November 2017
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The coding for The Pirate's Fate is more than 50% completed! Meanwhile, on the art side of things, all of the pictures are completed, with the exception of adding in a few expressions and a final extra illustrated sequence or two. We've also managed to get a lot of the voice over work completed, too, along with all of our backgrounds and music. We've also started work on a new trailer, which we hope to debut within the next couple of weeks.

We also plan on starting beta testing around that time, too! We'll post another update soon with instructions for applying to that if you are interested. 

I also wanted to answer some of your questions. Kris Schnee wrote: "How have you been doing in adapting your writing to the available game engine technology? What have you learned from the process of working on this script and coding so far?"

That's a great question, Kris! It was pretty hard for me to adapt my style. I like to focus on inner monologue and descriptions of things like body language, and I couldn't do that this time around. I had to express myself purely through dialogue. So I had to learn how to try to develop characters in a new way - largely by exploring the character's conflicts with each other. The other challenge was when I normally write, I know what comes next. But there are 8 branching plot paths in this game, and 40+ romances. So I have to make sure my plot threads are flexible without feeling vague. That was a real challenge as well.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and your support! I'll try to post more often as we get closer and closer to setting a release date. 

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