·         Age Progression: Becoming older, usually physically. See Transformations in Depth: Age Progression for more information.

·         Age Regression: Becoming younger, either physically, or mentally. See Transformations in Depth: Age Regression for more information.

·         Anthro: Also known as “furry.” It means anthropomorphized animals, like ‘catgirls.’. This is separate from DemiHuman, which involves mythical creatures such as werewolves, mermaids, and the like. Anthro stories can involve stories in an anthro universe, as well as humans transforming into anthro characters.

·         Audiobook: Narrated as an audiobook, available on Amazon. You can listen to these for free by signing up for a free trial of Audible.

·         Bimbo: A type of personality change. Generally, they are stupid, vapid, and focused on looking attractive.

·         Bisexual: A bisexual story has a character who pursues relationships with both men and women. Obviously, this is very different than the definition of a bisexual person.

·         DemiHuman: Werewolves, vampires, mermaids, ogres, nagas, monster-girls, and other mythical beings.

·         Fantasy: The story takes place in a fantasy world. Stories which take place in a modern setting in which magic is real are not considered fantasy stories.

·         Female Transformation: A main female character transforms in some way.

·         Free: A free to read story on this site or elsewhere, as opposed to ebooks. If you want to read ebooks for free, most of them are eligible for free reading via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

·         Gay: A male character pursues a relationship with another male character.

·         Gender Change (FTM): A female character transforms into a male. For the purpose of determining their sexuality, their new gender is used. So if a female transforms into a male and then pursues a relationship with a female, this would be considered a heterosexual story. 

·         Gender Change (MTF): A male character transforms into a female. For the purpose of determining their sexuality, their new gender is used. So if a male transforms into a female and then pursues a relationship with another female, this would be considered a lesbian story. See Transformations in Depth: Gender Change for more information.

·         Heterosexual: A story involving a male and a female character having a romantic or sexual relationship.

·         Illustrated: A story which includes artwork throughout. Not a comic book.

·         Lesbian: A female character pursues a relationship with another female character.

·         Male Transformation: A main male character transforms in some way.

·         Micro/Macro: Shrinking and growing. Becoming the size of a mouse or turning into a giant/giantess.

·         Mind Control: One character gains a measure of control over another’s mind.

·         Muscle Growth: A character’s muscles grow, either magically or otherwise.

·         Nerd: A type of personality change. Generally, they are smart, introverted, socially inept, and interested in hobbies like video games and science fiction. See Transformations in Depth: Nerd for more information.

·         Personality Change: A characters personality changes in some way, like becoming a nerd, bimbo, punk, or something else.

·         Punk: Also known as Goth (though I’m aware they are not exactly the same), Punks are known for enjoying Punk Rock and Heavy Metal music, having tattoos and piercings, wearing alternative clothing, having alternative views on morality and religion.

·         Race Change: Transforming from one racial or ethnic group into another.

·         Romance: A focus on a romance. Stories which only involve hookups, or characters who are already in a relationship with each other before the stories begin, are not considered romances.

·         Science Fiction: A futuristic setting. Stories with modern day settings and science fiction gadgets are not considered science fiction.

·         Vore: Eroticism of eating other beings. On this site, this is mainly associated with Nagas or other types of monsters in a fantasy setting.

·         Weight Gain: Gaining weight, through magical means or otherwise. See my Transformations in Depth: Weight Gain and my weight gain podcast for more information.