Question: Why do we like Fat Girls?

Lard Biscuit's essay on being an FA (Fat Admirer) is a good place to start. He posits several potential explanations, so i'll quote him...

1. FA's tastes make more sense because fat women look more like women.

I know I'm biased, but I think F.A.'s are simply more in tune with natural human sexual impulses than non-F.A.'s. We are biologically correct. The human female of reproductive age is genetically designed to be rounded with layers of fat, definitely not skin and bones like the typical fashion model. Those wonderful fat deposits in the breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks are what create the distinctive body shape that distinguishes women from men, and the fat equips women for the physical rigors of childbearing. A female's well-padded body announces to the world that she is a woman and she's ready to reproduce. From the F.A. point of view, the more luxuriously upholstered a woman's body is, the louder it's screaming, "LET'S GET IT ON!"

2. Specifically when it comes to tummies, there are many psychological factors at play.

I'm also partial to round bellies. To me, there's something extraordinarily feminine and sexy about a nice full tummy bulge, which is a potent symbol of fertility. Some have argued that F.A.'s result from unresolved Freudian issues. There is an undeniable maternal association with a plump woman's appearance, and her big, curvy body reminds us of the comfort of clutching the mountainous flesh of our mothers when we were being breast-fed and all that. I've heard it said that a flat stomach represents chastity, since it demonstrates that a woman (probably) isn't pregnant, and men seeking to assure their paternity would thus find a slim waistline desirable. I guess F.A.'s are drawn to women who anatomically look a little more experienced.

3. Being attracted to fat women is about being attracted to an embrace of life and hedonism.

Then there's the issue of food. As a natural corollary to being an F.A., I have a fascination with women eating, especially fattening food in generous quantities. After all, high-calorie food is the magical elixir of feminine beauty, capable of turning a thin woman chubby, and making a chubby woman even plumper. So for most F.A.'s, a beautiful woman pigging out is a definite turn-on. A woman with a well-fed body tacitly demonstrates her robust appetite for the fun in life, not just for doughnuts and ice cream. Her weight reflects her willful pursuit of pleasure, showing that doing what she enjoys is more important to her than conforming to the narrow rules of society. Those personality traits -- joyous, reckless individuality with a dash of hedonism -- are just as appealing to me as round hips and a big butt.

Lardbiscuit presents some great theories, nut I’d like to offer a few of my own explanations, as well.

4. The taboo factor and the “Shrek” factor make the forbidden become alluring.

For some, the fact that fat women are considered ugly by mainstream society makes attraction fat women off limits, taboo, and more alluring. In a similar way, attraction to fat women – being able to see the beauty that nobody else can – feels ennobled in this context. I call this the “Shrek” factor because that movie is a good example how love seems more special when it’s something that the rest of society unjustly deems bad.

5. Being big can be part of a role reversal.

Men are, on average, physically larger than women. In this context, having a woman become larger than her mate (either through becoming fatter, more muscular, or growing taller) can help facilitate a role reversal or transfer of sexual power in some way. This is especially true if the woman in question isn’t just getting bigger, she’s also becoming more assertive, more desiring of sex, and more dominant at the same time.

Which Theory is Right?

Here's the problem with these explanations: none of them are testable. That is, we can't re-create society with different variables in order to see which of these theories actually cause men to be attracted to fatter women, as opposed to just being an explanation that fits with our experiences.

There are tests I can imagine people performing that might attempt to measure correlations, but it would be difficult to avoid confounding variables (that is, information which could support multiple theories.)

For example, let's just say we test the porn browsing habits of men who like BBWs, and we find they like older women, MILFs, Cougars, ect at a rate higher than the average population. That might lend support to the "FAs like women who are more experienced theory," or the "FAs are attracted to Mommy" theory. Alternatively, it might be that older women are just more likely to be fat so that's why they are being searched for by FAs. Or, maybe FAs are used to taboo-breaking so they like older women as another taboo to explore. There's no real way to determine which interpretation is more valid.

So unfortunately I don't have a definitive answer for you, and due to the nature of the problem (social science/psychology/evolutionary biology) it's not likely anybody else will have certain answer, either. The aforementioned fields just don't lend themselves to easy testing/measuring. This is also why it's been so hard to pinpoint why some people are LGBT - pretty much the same kind of problem.

If you'd hear more of my thoughts on this, I'd suggest checking out my post: Transformations in Depth: Weight Gain and my Weight Gain themed Podcast.

Update and New Podcast

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