The Pirate’s Fate - Visual Novel [Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, FAQ]

Today is the official launch of our visual novel, The Pirate’s Fate, on Kickstarter  and Steam Greenlight!

Mila wakes up among the Dread Pirates, who aren’t what they seem. When she joins them on a high-stakes treasure hunt, she begins to transform based on your choices. Play the Demo now! And read more about the game on Kickstarter.

Thanks to everyone who supported us on Patreon, The Pirate’s Fate will be made. Our original vision was to make a short transformation visual novel.  However, with this Kickstarter, we’ll be able to expand it from a short visual novel to an immersive adventure with 6-8+ hours of gameplay.

If we’re able to fund the game on Kickstarter, that means The Pirate’s Fate will feature a much longer and more detailed story. It will contain additional transformations, characters, and secret endings. Our stretch goals include additional character animations and creating a feature comic about the story - which will be provided to all our Kickstarter backers at $9 or higher.

Lastly, if you are very eager to play the game, we’ll be releasing advance copies to all of our Kickstarter backers at $9 and above, before the release on Steam and before any other types of backers.

If you decide to support us on Kickstarter, thanks so much!  If you can’t, you can still vote for us on Steam Greenlight and leave a comment to let people know that you’re excited about this game.

Other ways to help make the game happen: mention the game in a FA or DA journal post, or share the Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight page on social media.

Our Kickstarter will close August 15th, 2016.

Thanks as always and let me know if you have any questions about The Pirate’s Fate. If you like the project please help spread the word, and show us your support via the links below. 



Click to read more for our FAQ.


Q: Why are you running a Kickstarter after you got funding on Patreon?

A: This Kickstarter campaign is solely to add more content to the game. No matter how the Kickstarter campaign goes, our Patrons on Patreon have funded the base game as we originally intended as a short project. This additional funding will be used to make the game longer, with more content, more transformations, and more features.  Cameos and custom content, as well as the stretch goals we hit from Patreon will still apply to this game.

Q: What does this mean for previous Patrons?

A: If you were a Patron, you were charged for The Pirate’s Fate on July 1st, 2016. The Kickstarter is a separate effort to take the game from a small project to a feature length game. You do not have to participate in it if you’d like, but your support would be appreciated.

Q: When will the game be finished?

A: We estimate that the main game will be finished and sent out to our Kickstarter backers February, 2017. We will launch on Steam later on in 2017.

Q: What kinds of transformations will there be in the game?

A: All kinds, including weight gain, muscle growth, species change, and gender change.

Q: Now that the game is on Steam, will it contain fetish content or nudity?

A: The game will contain transformation fetish pictures. It will not contain nudity or explicit sex scenes.

Q: What’s the difference between the Kickstarter and the Patreon?

A: We’re trying to reach more people with Kickstarter, and raise enough resources to make this a feature length game.

Q: Where will the money go?

A: We will use some of the funds raised to hire other creators, such as a custom background artist and a musical composer. Hiring voice actors is one of our stretch goals. Most of the money will go to Volkenfox and T.F. Wright, providing for living expenses so that they have the ability to dedicate six months working on this project.

Q: Will you still be doing regular Patreon stories?

A: Yes, we will still make time to do a short illustrated story every two months, supported by Patreon.

Q: How can I help?

A: You can help by donating and spreading the word about the game on social media, and by voting for us on Steam Greenlight.

Q: Do I still get the game for free?

A: All of our Patreon backers for this project and all of those who filled out a special request form will get the game for free at the time of our Steam launch. You can get the game earlier by becoming a Kickstarter backer. Additionally, Kickstarter backers will receive exclusive bonus rewards and DLCs (like the aforementioned feature comic) free!

Q: Will I still get my custom rewards and cameos from Patreon?

A: Yes, your cameo and custom content will still happen. Our Kickstarter project is purely to add more content to the game. The more support the game receives on Kickstarter, the better and longer the game will become, which could potentially mean your custom rewards or cameos will be even longer and more detailed than we originally anticipated. So if you like your custom request, please consider supporting the game.

A first - a live podcast, taking questions from the audience. Let me know what you think of how it turned out.


When we originally launched The Pirate’s Fate, we suspected that it might be a small game, funded by about one thousand dollars and requiring a few dozen hours of time investment on our part. We’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

The level of support we’ve received has far (over $5,000) surpassed our wildest expectations. We’ve hit all the stretch goals, then created a new map of goals, and hit all of them, too!

Then, we got an email from Lost Fables, a small game company. That’s right, The Pirate’s Fate is going to be a full-fledged, feature length game.

Because the size and the scope of the project is getting dramatically bigger, it will take much longer to complete. To provide us the support we need to give this game the time and attention it deserves, as well as provide for new goals like hiring voice actors, we’re moving this project off of Patreon and we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign. 

When we first announced The Pirate’s Fate, we said it would be a free release – which made sense at the time, since we imagined it would be small. Now that we’re planning to dedicate six months to creating a feature game, it makes more sense to have the finished project be for sale.

But just because our plans have changed, doesn’t mean we won’t keep our promise to you. After all, none of this would be possible if it were not for your generous support.

To keep our promise, we plan on giving a free copy of the game to all of our Patreon supporters – even those at just $1. If you haven’t signed up for Patreon, we encourage you to do so. 

To sign up for Patreon, please go here:

Every little bit does help. And, if you’d like to get a copy of the game without signing up, you can do so by filling out the form at the bottom. Both the Patreon and the form will be open for one week. (Closes 6/30 11:59pm EST) After that, the Kickstarter will launch. 

In the meantime, our regular Patreon will still exist, and while The Pirate’s Fate is in development, we will still do regular illustrated stories. 

Thanks so much again for your continued support. And let us know if you have any questions.