So I co-host a Podcast called The Wright Stuff. For the first time ever, we're going to do a live show! That’s right. This Thursday, June 23rd, 7 PM EST, T.F. Wright and Mickey Bamboo will be hosting a live episode on picarto here at 

We will be answering you’re questions as we talk about various topics. This will also be recorded so even if you can’t make it, you can always join in on the fun later! 

I try to put a lot of detail into the eating scenes of my weight gian/BBW themed stories, and that includes describing the food itself as very decadent and full of calories. An examle from my ebook Fattening the Actress.

Caroline then proceeded to show me the fat chick way to eat pancakes. She put two pancakes together, rolling them up like a burrito. Then, inside, she stuffed in six little pads of butter, nearly half a jar of jam, and then topped it off with so much syrup that the thing sprouted a leak, dripping onto her plate.

I generally assume that the description of food is to create a sense of anticipation for the weight gain to come, and to express a sense of gluttonous hedonism and further than eating itself can be an erotic act. There are also issues relating to manners, sloppiness, ect. But the folks at Munchies say that decadent food itself can be sexy. 

“Food today is one big erotic equation. It’s all about obstacle plus prohibition plus yearning, which equals desire. It’s often full of guilt and conflicting messages like, ‘This is yummy!’ and ‘This is bad for you!’ We’re stuck yearning for it--and deeply captivated by desire--like a lover we can’t have.”

I wanted to share this humerous celebrity WG photomorph, courtesy of Clickhole: 8 Photos Of Fat Emma Stone That I Have Brought To You From My Dimension At Great Personal Cost.

I also wanted to give you an update on my projects! I'm finishing up a couple of commissions right now (one related to celebrity weight gain, actually) and two related to gender change (one MTF, the other FTM). I'm preparing to release another celebrity themed story (this one has an Ogre bent to it), but I'm waiting on the cover. 

I'm also working on an anthro-themed visual novel called "The Pirate's Fate," as well as two other private commissions which are anthro-themed. I'm working on another, separate commission which is more meta,about people who create anthro stories and artwork. And I'm also exploring the possibility of creating an anthro comic.

Lastly, I've been outlining my most recent crowdfunded story project, Transformation Park. The goal is to send out Transformation Park to backers on July 31st, and to publish on Amazon in August. 

Lots of transformations, lots of projects, so hopefully there will be something for everyone! So stay tuned, and thanks as always for your patience.