New Ebooks Released!

Saturday, 11 February 2017 Blog

I've finished publishing 3 new ebooks! One, The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz, is a FTM gender change story. After Brienne gets a low score on the online "perfect girlfriend quiz," she decides to take it again and change up her answers. But each time she answers differently, her body starts to transform! Can her boyfriend Grayson intervene before the Brienne transforms into Grayson's perfect...boyfriend? Read part 1 on this site, then read the whole thing on Amazon.

I've also released two new anthro illustrated ebooks - released on Gumroad instead of Amazon this time, since Amazon's formatting of the images is getting a little clumsy and Gumroad allows for selling a DRM-free PDF.

Life Hacked (Punk, Personality Change, Breast Expansion) Tough on crime prosecutor Maven thought the world was black and white. But after an encounter with a criminal who claims her mind was hacked, Maven's morals start to change. Soon she's embracing everything she once denied herself, including hedonism, the punk lifestyle, and even other women.

It's in the Cards (Weight Gain) Issi's new job takes her to a remote research station in the middle of nowhere, with only an addictive online card game and her long distance best friend Maxine to keep her company. But there's more to the game than meets the eye, and Issi is willing to pay any price - including giving up on diet and exercise - to master the game and beat Maxine. 

I'll be releasing a new ebook, "The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz," shortly on Amazon (working on the cover at the moment.) It's a gender change story (FTM this time) and I think you'll enjoy it. I'll also be releasing some anthro-themed illustrated works as well. 



Pretending to be interested in sports was one thing, but how could her body physically change this quickly? Grayson thought about mentioning it to her, but then thought better of it. After all, how would that even go? She clearly wasn’t noticing it, and it would just seem as though he was complaining about her looks.

When it came time for the next commercial break, Grayson found himself shaking. What would she change this time?

“What kind of body type do you have…” she began. Grayson wanted to snatch the phone right out of her hands, if only that wouldn’t make him look crazy. She had such a beautiful, feminine body…

“I think I’ll try…” Brienne began.

“Wait!” Grayson shouted, desperate to stop her but not sure what to say once he had her attention. “Maybe you should just…leave your body type as is?”

Brienne rolled her eyes. “I gotta change some answers,” she said. “I’ll go with…tomboyish and athletic.”

Right before his eyes, Grayson saw Brienne’s girlish features fade away. Her shoulders started to widen, straining the fabric of her blouse. When he glanced behind her shirt, he could see her butt started to change shape in her jeans. The petite, little bubble remolded itself, becoming a firm, taunt bundle of muscle.

Brienne’s breasts started to retract into her flesh, becoming smallish and firmer looking, her cups riding a little looser on her chest. Grayson glanced around her back and saw that the straps were nevertheless tighter than ever – probably a consequence of her broadening back. Instead of an hourglass shape, her body now had an inverted triangle: wide shoulders and back flaring downwards to a small waist and smaller hips.

The changes hadn’t made her unattractive, far from it. In her own way, the new, tomboyish Brienne was still smoking hot. But Grayson couldn’t help longing for the Brienne he knew and loved. Maybe, he thought, if she took the test again and checked the correct box, she’d get her old body back?

“Brienne, honey, can you start that quiz over?” he asked.

“I wanna find out what score I get!” she insisted, her voice carrying a little hint of a growl, which was certainly out of character for her. “Read me the next question so I can keep watching the game,” she said, with a tone that indicated it was an order rather than a request.

Story Flow Thoughts

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 Blog

For those of you who are interested in my upcoming visual novel project, "The Pirate's Fate," I wanted to share some of my thoughts:

Creating a good sense of flow to a long story is essential. With so many different adventures in store for the Dread Pirates, I don’t want “The Pirate’s Fate” to start feeling like a TV sitcom or like ‘Star Trek’, with different episodes covering different events and little overall connection. Instead, I’m aiming for more of a ‘Black Sails’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ feel to it: a single story with multiple adventures.  

This is, in part, because I want the story to feel like an exciting adventure, with every scene contributing something special to the ongoing story. In order to tie the story together over these adventures, there has to be some uniting narrative element.  The following is a synopsis my brainstorming efforts on this issue, as well as many hours of discussion with Volkenfox.

One way to create flow would be to have a main villain in the story, and then to make their presence felt on a constant basis. However, I leaned against doing this because I felt like it would interfere with way I want to develop moral choices by creating a very singular goal: defeat the villain. I would prefer a more open-ended story, one in which different goals are available to the player, rather than limiting their options by forcing them to constantly go up against a bad guy.  

Another way would be to focus on some aspect of the world itself, such as its dangerousness, or the ways in which the world conflicts with piracy. However, there are several problems with this approach as well. First, by focusing on the dangerousness of the world, or the ways in which it negatively reacts to pirates, the struggle of the crew becomes merely a matter of survival, which once again is a limiting factor when considering the ways I’d like to offer the player choices for their goals. Second, the nature of the different mini-adventures in the game is so varied that any attempt to force them all to fit a mold would feel ham-fisted, and possibly repetitive.  

What about making the treasure hunt the uniting theme? While it will play a very important role, I’m reluctant make that the largest focus. This is, in part, because it is difficult to create a good sense of tension around such a goal. Since gaining the treasure is the main goal of the crew, the question “will the crew find the treasure” seems like a foregone conclusion - thus, little tension. What’s more, if I simply acknowledge that each time the crew finds a piece of the treasure they are closer to this goal, I haven’t really created any sense of drama or excitement. 

As of right now, I feel like the best way to create flow is to focus on the story of Mila's personal journey. I don’t want “The Pirate’s Fate” to feel like a story about the Dread Pirates, while the player just happens to be able to control Mila. I want the story to be about Mila’s journey, both how it changes and how it changes her in return. This may seem like a subtle distinction, but especially in a visual novel, it is important to be aware of how much your protagonist is merely being “talked at” and how much they are actively engaging with the world. 

Keeping the focus on Mila’s journey will allow the player to steer it towards many different outcomes, preserving the open-ended possibilities for the journey that I’d wanted. And it will also preserve an element of suspense and excitement, since it won’t be clear from the start how things will go.