I'm still hard at work on The Pirate's Fate, my visual novel project. A rough draft of the script is nearly finished.

I'm attending Califur this weekend and I'll have a booth. I've also finished a new anthro / WG illustrated ebook, called "A Taste of Paris." When Shy Abby started her internship at a bakery in Paris, she didn't expect to be working for the beautiful, talented, outgoing Gia. Will romance bloom? Find out in A Taste of Paris, an illustrated story with weight gain elements. Includes dozens of shaded, colors pictures and 8,000 words. Excerpt below:

“I wanted to ask, have you found a place yet, darling?” said Gia, as she locked up the front door.

“Uh…no, I’m staying at a youth hostel until I…”

“Great! So no place? You’ll stay with me, then,” she said, clasping her hands together.

She’d phrased it as a statement of fact, rather than as an offer, I realized. Was talking that way a French thing, or was it a Gia thing?

Oh my God, I then thought – I’m staying with her! It was exhilarating to think I’d be staying with Gia, but the thought that I’d be rooming with my boss seemed like a recipe for trouble.

“How much do you want for rent? Because I can’t afford …” I asked, hoping that might give me an easy out.

“Rent? Rent??” she asked, bursting into gales of laughter. I didn’t know why she was laughing, but it proved infectious, and I started giggling too. It was so unlike hers – mine being high pitched and chortling, like a schoolgirl watching a cartoon, and hers was deep, throaty, the kind of laugh you let out after hearing a raunchy joke.

“You silly girl,” she said, reaching towards me and pulling me into a tight embrace, then planting two air kisses on either sides of my ears. This one felt more like it was a French rather than Gia thing, I decided – but at this point, Gia clearly knew I was shy American, so her decision to do the gesture anyhow might itself qualify as a Gia thing.

“I won’t charge you a…how you say? Pretty penny,” she said as she pulled away.

“Oh…thank you, thank you…” I babbled.

“Come,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me away from the store. I assumed she was leading me to her place, and was surprised when we wandered into an outdoor market.

“You live here?” I asked. I knew it was a stupid question before the words left my lips, so why’d I say it? Was being around Gia making me perpetually flustered, or was I just hoping to get another ‘you silly girl’ hug?

“Yes, welcome home.” said Gia. “My fireplace is that flambe, and my mattress is those loaves of bread.”

I’d become so caught up in my own recriminations that it took me a few seconds to realize she was joking, and by then it felt too late to laugh. So I summoned up a grin, before reflexively closing my lips, on account of how I hated how big my teeth looked.

“Let’s get supper, shall we?” said Gia, who practically danced her way across the aisles, buying this and that unfamiliar foodstuff. She spoke French to every shopkeep, but she spoke it so quickly that I couldn’t hope to understand it. All I could take in was the garrulous raw sound, the inflection, the clearly cheery and pleasant tone with which she greeted the world. Even in English, I realized, she’d be speaking a foreign language to my ears.

Get A Taste of Paris via PDF on Gumroad today.

I'll be attending Wondercon in Anaheim Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I'll have a booth in Artist's Alley! Hope to see some fans. I haven't been able to do a lot of writing/publishing lately because I'm hard at work on my game, The Pirate's Fate (you can read updates on how that's going via Kickstarter). Thanks everyone for your patience.

New Ebooks Released!

Saturday, 11 February 2017 Blog

I've finished publishing 3 new ebooks! One, The Perfect Girlfriend Quiz, is a FTM gender change story. After Brienne gets a low score on the online "perfect girlfriend quiz," she decides to take it again and change up her answers. But each time she answers differently, her body starts to transform! Can her boyfriend Grayson intervene before the Brienne transforms into Grayson's perfect...boyfriend? Read part 1 on this site, then read the whole thing on Amazon.

I've also released two new anthro illustrated ebooks - released on Gumroad instead of Amazon this time, since Amazon's formatting of the images is getting a little clumsy and Gumroad allows for selling a DRM-free PDF.

Life Hacked (Punk, Personality Change, Breast Expansion) Tough on crime prosecutor Maven thought the world was black and white. But after an encounter with a criminal who claims her mind was hacked, Maven's morals start to change. Soon she's embracing everything she once denied herself, including hedonism, the punk lifestyle, and even other women.

It's in the Cards (Weight Gain) Issi's new job takes her to a remote research station in the middle of nowhere, with only an addictive online card game and her long distance best friend Maxine to keep her company. But there's more to the game than meets the eye, and Issi is willing to pay any price - including giving up on diet and exercise - to master the game and beat Maxine.