Age Progression is my second most requested transformation, after Weight Gain. Of course, weight gain is often part of age progression - so I don't know how fair it is to separate the two.

Like weight gain, age progression is taboo because it involves attaching an erotic element to something our society is hell-bent on avoiding. This taboo is part of the allure in many stories.

Age progression typically involves an acceleration of the aging process, by magical, scientific, or unexplained methods. This results in graying hair, wrinkles, weight gain, fat distribution around the body, and more. 

Like weight gain and nerd transformations, age progression can be part of a punishment/humiliation story. It can also be about beautification and empowerment, depending on the perspective of the writer. Or it may simply happen, independent of any overarching reason.

The story that introduced me to the genre is "Spider Bites" by greinskyn, and it has some great visuals and a fascinating set up. Generally I'll prefer a fantastic concept told adequately to an adequate concept told fantastically, and this story is certainly the former.

Ones of my personal favorite age progression stories is "Graduate to Maturity" by Kronostar. This story is about empowerment and, in a rare twist, is a voluntary transformation. The voluntary change motif is one that I enjoy in part because I feel it makes a change more consequential if it is something chosen, rather than merely received.

I'd say the biggest dividing line in age progression stories is how old the person usually gets. My unscientific observations suggest that about two thirds of those interested prefer to see characters reach ages of around 40-60, in other words, middle aged, while the rest want characters to become very elderly, usually the older the better. My interest lies with the first camp. 

One aspect of age progression that I enjoy in particular I feel has been generally neglected - the ability of age progression to imbalance the power dynamic between men and women. A woman who suddenly becomes an older woman might be economically more successful, have more sexual experience, more confidence in what she wants, or many other traits which are traditionally associated with dominance in a relationship.

You can check out Older and Wiser as a good example of my female age progression; for male age progression, read The New Neighbor.  

Weight gain is one of the most popular transformations online and it is - by far - the most common transformation type in my stories. It's so popular that I've devoted a podcast to it as well as this blog post.

When I first got into transformation fiction, I went to places that focused on this transformation exclusively, such as Mollycoddles and Dimensions Magazine. Like most transformations, weight gain stories generally has three possible goals, which are not at all mutually exclusive.  Punish/Humble people who deserve it, give someone a new role in life, or beautification. Generally the goal depends on if the author views curvy women (or men) in a positive or negative light. 

To provide some examples, some see getting fat is a terrible fate that ought to befall bad people, and it ought to accompany other kinds of terrible changes, like in Mddubya's very, very dark story "When the cat's away." To others, weight gain might indeed be humbling, but it is part of a transformation from one role to another, like in Matt L's appropriately titled "Remodeled." And finally, some see the transformation in an exclusively positive light, such as Joel's "Life Changer."

The methods for causing the change are typically food, spells/wishes, aging, science, and even exercise, as in a story by Berry and one by me. Most readers, including myself, prefer a drawn out transformation process, rather than an instant change. Some prefer the end state to be quite large, others prefer only a smaller change. I'm on the small to mid-size change side myself.

The context of the transformation is that we live in a society in which being overweight is frowned upon. It is perceived to be a sign of ugliness, a health hazard, and by some even a moral failing. In some ways, this makes weigh gain seem more exciting - it is taboo. When I was younger, I dreamed of being the one guy who could see the beauty of an overweight person and heal their emotional wounds. This desire is reflected in my earlier works such as Embers in the Frost. I wrote "Embers in the Frost" as a teenager, and since then I have not tried to write a story where I describe my ideal women or my ideal relationship. I've changed a lot since then and I feel like I ought to give that a try when I don't have so many projects on my plate at once.

Some people look at weight gain as just a punishment, but others are overweight themselves or consider themselves to be FAs or "fat admirers." The Lard Biscuit site has a good explanation of what it means to be a FA today (it also has a gallery of plus size models.)
There are many reasons why societal views on weight might change in the future. For one, being moderately overweight isn't nearly as bad for your health as was once thought. In fact, recent studies have shown it may actually be healthier than being "target weight." Second, as we learn more about genetics, we learn that weight isn't entirely a product of behavior and thus people aren't lazy if they cannot lose weight. Third, judging people by their looks is superficial. Fourth, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anybody can be beautiful and their ought not be one universal standard of beauty. 
I first realized that my views on beauty might be different when I saw the film "Shrek," and thought Princess Fiona looked better as a chubby ogre than as a skinny human. I feel like my views today are partially utilitarian. That is, part of what forms my aesthetic taste in beauty has to do with what I perceive to be the use of what I like. To give an example, I feel like one of the reasons I'm attracted to chubby women is because I imagine how wonderful it would feel to cuddle with them. Other FAs primarily like that bigger girls have bigger boobs. Everyone has their own reasons. 
Check out Fattening the Actress for a good example of weight gain in my ebooks. 
If you like weight gain transformations, leave a comment sharing what you like about them and please give a link to your favorite weight gain story. 

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